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Allen Bradley - Drives

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1204 Reflected Wave Reduction Devices

1305 AC Drives

1333 AC Drives


1336 Adjustable

1336 Capacitors

1336 FORCE Drives

1336 IMPACT Drives

1336 PCB Boards

1336 PLUS Drives

1336 PLUS II Drives

The Allen Bradley 1336 PLUS II is a series of adjustable frequency AC drives. These drives have a sensorless vector control with a digitally programmable feature that provides exceptional motor control, setup, and operation.

1336 Transistor Assembly

1336VT Drives

1361 Drives

1386 Servo Drives

1395 Drives

1395 Spare Parts

1397 Drives

160 SSC Variable Speed Drives

161 Drives

2361 Motor Control Centers

2364 RGU

40021 Switches

402 Potentiometers

825 Smart Motor Managers

8520 CNC Controllers

AC Servo 1391

IMC S Class

Kinetix 2000

Kinetix 3

Kinetix 300

Kinetix 350

Kinetix 5500

Kinetix 5700

The Kinetix 5700 product series from Allen-Bradley includes servo drives, power supply modules, capacitor modules, and more. Kinetix 5700 servo drives were designed to be used for machines that have large axis counts and high power requirements.

Kinetix 6000

The Kinetix 6000 product series includes a wide variety of multi-axis servo drives from Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation. These products feature Kinetix Integrated Motion capabilities for control in various motor, drive, and actuator applications. Some of the Kinetix 6000 drives have a Safe-Torque Off feature, while other drives do not. The voltage rating of these drives ranges from 230 volts to 460 volts.

Kinetix 6200

Kinetix 6500

Kinetix 7000

Lifeline 3 Cable Pull Switches


MPAS Actuators

PowerFlex 4

PowerFlex 4 is a product series that is comprised of different Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). This product range belongs to Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation. Its drives offer excellent and precise motor speed control and are set up by default for the Volts/Hertz mode of operation. Although the power ratings vary among various drive modules, PowerFlex 4 devices are typically available with output power ratings that range from 0.25 to 5.0 horsepower (0.2 to 3.7 kilowatts).

PowerFlex 40

The PowerFlex 40 product series features adjustable frequency AC drives from Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation. These drives operate via an input voltage ranging from 120 volts AC to 600 volts AC. In addition, these products have a current output ranging from 1.4 amperes to 33 amperes and a power output ranging from 0.4 kilowatts to 11 kilowatts. PowerFlex 40 AC drives are available with a fixed keypad for operator inputs.

PowerFlex 400

The PowerFlex 400 AC drives, which are manufactured by Allen Bradley, are intended for commercial and industrial applications, with integrated purge and damper input to offer a cost-effective solution for speed controlling in a wide range of variable torque fans and pumping solutions. It has an integrated keyboard with an LCD screen, communication modules, programming application flexibility, and a NEMA/UL enclosure classified by its IP20/30 protection rating. This AC drive range has an input voltage range of 200V to 204V or 380V to 480V AC, while the output power range is 2.2 to 37 kilowatts (kW) or 2.2 to 250 kW based on the voltage class.

PowerFlex 40P

PowerFlex 4M

PowerFlex 520

PowerFlex 523

PowerFlex 525

The PowerFlex 525 sequential Variable Frequency Drive from Allen-Bradley is well-known for its versatility and efficiency; this high-quality equipment is broadly used in a wide variety of industrial applications with working temperatures as high as 70 centigrade (158 °F). This series drive requires standard voltage levels of 100...600 volts and supports a wattage of 0.4...22 kilowatts (0.5...30 Horsepower). This AC drive may remove rotational power from the motor without removing power from the drive, allowing for a faster start-up following demand on the safety system.

PowerFlex 527

The PowerFlex 527 product series is a series of adjustable frequency AC drives. The voltage ratings of these drives range from 120 volts AC, single-phase to 600 volts AC, three-phase. These drives include built-in Safe Torque-off functionality, as well as Integrated Safety features.

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