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Emerson - GE Fanuc

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Field Control

Genius I-O

The General Electric Intelligent Platform Genius I/O blocks are customizable, configurable, incredibly intelligent, and self-contained modules/blocks that are more efficient than conventional I/O platforms for PLCs. These Genius I/O modules are not location-specific and to implement a distributed I/O architecture, these modules can be installed virtually anywhere within the plant up to 7500 feet from the PLC or computer. Genius I/O provides distributed control with a reduced diagnostics time required for initial control and debugging, an effective and simpler troubleshooting with lower terminations, and a much shorter wiring run.


Manufactured by Emerson - GE Fanuc, the QuickPanel product series includes a vast array of operator interfaces, as well as several accessories. The QuickPanel product series is made up of the QuickPanel Plus series, the QuickPanel View series, and more. QuickPanel interfaces have a screen size that ranges from 6 inches to 15 inches.

RX3i PacSystem

The GE Emerson produced the RX3i PacSystem which was introduced to replace the Series 90 to 30 PLC system. It employs the same Input or Output system as the GE Series 90 to 30, but includes more high-speed Input or Output modules.

Rx7i PACsystem

The RX7i PACsystem product series is from GE Fanuc Emerson. The control system of RX7i PACsystem devices includes a rack, up to seven Series 90-70 expansion racks, and a CPU. This product series supports Genius networks, Series 90-70 modules, and expansion racks.

Series 90-30

Ge Fanuc's 90-30 PLC Series offers a flexible solution for demanding industrial and automation parts, I/O systems, and specialty modules. These modules are part of the GE intelligent product family and include components such as analog I/O modules, CPU Baseplates with 5-10 slots, Discrete I/O modules, communication modules, etc.

Series 90-70

The Series 90-70 line of products includes I/O modules, PLC racks, power supply modules, and so on. Series 90-70 products are customizable to suit the needs of the user and applications. Certain Series 90-70 products allow for integration in a wide range of VME boards, while other products only allow for integration in standard boards.


The Versamax product series was manufactured by GE Fanuc. This series features a vast array of programmable logic controllers, or PLCs, as well as CPU modules, power supply modules, carrier and I/O modules, network communication modules, and so on. The CPUs of the Versamax product series includes 34 kB, 42 kB, or 128 kB of configurable memory.

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