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Emerson - GE Fanuc | Series One

We have GE Fanuc Series One products available now in both Refurbished and New Surplus conditions and offer fast shipping options for all Emerson - GE Fanuc parts.

IC610ACC150 Series One Three CPU battery Buy Now
IC610CCM105 Plus Data Communications Unit DCU Buy Now
IC610CCM109 Series One I O Expander Interface Module 0 Buy Now
IC610CCM110 I O Link Local Module Transmitter Buy Now
IC610CCM111 I O Link Remote Module receiver Buy Now
IC610CHS100 I O Rack, Non-Expandable i o Buy Now
IC610CHS101 I O Rack, Non-Expandable Buy Now
IC610CHS110 I O Rack, 115 230Vac Power Supply 5 slot Buy Now
IC610CHS111 Rack, 115Vac Power Supply Buy Now
IC610CHS120 I O Rack, 115 230 Vac Power Supply 10 slot Buy Now
IC610CHS124 I O Rack, 24Vdc Power Supply 10 slots Buy Now
IC610CHS130 I O Rack, 115 230Vac Power Supply 10 Buy Now
IC610CHS134 Series One Rack 24VDC Power Supply 3 Buy Now
IC610CPU101 Series One CPU with expandable memory Buy Now
IC610CPU104 Series One CPU, high speed Buy Now
IC610CPU105 Plus CPU, 700Words Expandable 1.7K Buy Now
IC610CPU106 CPU Buy Now
IC610MDL100 Blank Filler Module Buy Now
IC610MDL101 24Vdc Sink Input (8points) Buy Now
IC610MDL102 Series One Input Module 0 Buy Now
IC610MDL103 24Vdc Sink Input (4In 4Out) Buy Now
IC610MDL104 repair This unit only Buy Now
IC610MDL105 Thumbwheel Interface Module Buy Now
IC610MDL106 24Vdc Sink Input, D Connector, w LEDs 16points Buy Now
IC610MDL107 24Vdc Sink In, w Removable Term. Block w. LED Buy Now
IC610MDL110 High Speed Counter Module Buy Now
IC610MDL111 24 Vac dc Source Input (8 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL112 24Vdc Source in, w Removable Term Block w. LE Buy Now
IC610MDL115 Fast Response I O Module (4 In 2 Out) Buy Now
IC610MDL116 Analog Input Module, 4-20 mA 1.5Vdc (4 channels) Buy Now
IC610MDL124 I O Simulator Module(8 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL125 115Vac Input (8 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL126 115Vac Isolated Input (4 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL127 230Vac Input (8 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL129 115Vac Input w Removable term block (16 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL135 Listed 115 Vac Input (6 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL151 24Vdc Sink Output, D 8 points Buy Now
IC610MDL152 24Vdc Sink Output, D Connector 16 points Buy Now
IC610MDL153 24Vdc Sink Output, 2Amp (4 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL154 24Vdc Sink Source Output, 2Amp (4 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL155 24Vdc Source Output (8 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL156 24Vdc Sink Output, C Connector, with LEDs Buy Now
IC610MDL157 24Vdc Sink Out, s Removable Term. Block 16pts Buy Now
IC610MDL158 24Vdc Source Out, w Removable Term Block Buy Now
IC610MDL166 Analog Output Module 4-20mA 0-10Vdc 2 channels Buy Now
IC610MDL175 115-230Vac Output Module (8 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL176 115-230Vac Isolated Output Module (4 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL179 115-230Vac Output w Removable Term Block Buy Now
IC610MDL180 Relay Output Module (8 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL181 UL Listed Relay Output (5 points) Buy Now
IC610MDL182 Relay Output w Removable Term Block Series One Buy Now
IC610MDL185 Relay Output w Removable Term Block Series One Buy Now
IC610PER151 Printer Interface Unit (Snap On) Series One Buy Now
IC610PER154 Series One PROM Writer Unit (Snap On) Series One Buy Now
IC610PER155 Series One & Series Three PROM Writer Unit Buy Now
IC610PRG100 Hand Held Programmer Buy Now
IC610PRG105 Hand Held Programmer with Keyswitch Buy Now
IC610PRG110 LCD Portable Programmer 115Vac (order Prgm.) Buy Now