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Manufacturer: Allen Bradley - Drives
Product Type: Drive
Part Number: 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL
Series: 1336F


The 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL is a 1336 PLUS II Adjustable Frequency AC Drive and is manufactured by Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation. This unit also features a IP 54 (NEMA 12) enclosure.

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Manufacturer Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation
Series 1336 PLUS II Adjustable Frequency AC Drive
Enclosure Type IP 54 (NEMA 12)
Common Mode Choke - F & G Frame Internal Common Mode Choke (factory installed)
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Question: Does Automation Stop offer repairs on the 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL?

Answer: Yes. We offer repairs for the 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL and it comes with our 1 Year Automation Stop Warranty.

Question: What type of warranty comes with the Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL?

Answer: If you buy the 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL through it comes with our 1 Year Warranty and no other warranties.

Question: Can I buy the 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL online?

Answer: Yes. Automation Stop sells the 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL online and you can check out for the quantity and condition listed available above.

Question: What is the manufacturer for the 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL?

Answer: The 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL is made by Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation.

Question: What Common Mode Choke - F & G Frame is included with the 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL?

Answer: The Allen Bradley 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL has a Internal Common Mode Choke (factory installed) Common Mode Choke - F & G Frame.

Question: What Enclosure Type does the Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL have?

Answer: The Enclosure Type of the Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation 1336F-BF30V-AJ-BA-CF-CM-DT-D17-D21-FM-HJPC-JC-JF-JR-LT-UL is IP 54 (NEMA 12).