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Allen Bradley Repair Services

Offering excellent turn around times with competitive prices.

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We offer extensive Allen Bradley repair services for most AB products. From PLCs to HMIs to Drives we offer quick turnaround on our repairs at competitive pricing. All units we repair are fully inspected and come with our 1 Year Automation Stop Warranty. We have a very low unrepairable rate, as we do everything we can to successfully repair your unit, even if we have to replace most components. If for some reason your Allen Bradley unit is unrepairable we will do our best to offer Refurbished or Surplus options if available. We will also ship your unrepairable unit back at no cost if you would like it back.

Allen Bradley product lines we offer repair services on include:
  1. Allen Bradley PLCs
    1. SLC 500 Repair
    2. PLC 5 Repair
    3. ControlLogix Repair
    4. CompactLogix Repair
    5. MicroLogix Repair
    6. Pico Controllers Repair
    7. Block I/O Repair
  2. Allen Bradley HMIs
    1. Panelview Standard Repair
    2. Panelview Plus Repair
    3. Versaview Repair
  3. Allen Bradley VFDs
    1. PowerFlex 4, 40, 400 Repair
    2. PowerFlex 520 523, 525, 527 Repair
    3. PowerFlex 700, 70, 753, 755 Repair
    4. 1336F, 1336E, 1336S Repair
    5. 1305 Repair
  4. Allen Bradley Servo Drives
    1. 1398 Drives Repair
    2. 2098 Drives Repair
    3. 1394 Drives Repair
    4. Kinetix Repair
  5. Allen Bradley Servo Motors
    1. MPL Servo Motor Repair
    2. MPM Servo Motor Repair
    3. 1326 Servo Motor Repair
    4. VPL Servo Motor Repair

We offer competitive repair pricing based on our current cost of parts/components and only charge you once the repair is completed. You can request a quote on this page, or you can use the search bar to find our posted Allen Bradley repair prices on our products pages.

Typical Allen Bradley PLC Repair Issues:
  • No Communication (bad ethernet ports, broken connectors)
  • I/O failures (bad inputs, bad outputs, relays stuck open or closed)
  • Power Failures (bad power supplies, dead units)
  • Fault codes (processor/CPU failures)
  • Mode errors (will not go into run mode)
Typical Allen Bradley VFD and Servo Drive Repair Issues:
  • Drive does not power on
  • Shorted components
  • Drive won’t enable
  • Defective communications (bad communication module, broken Sercos connectors, bad control board)
  • Defective or Damaged PCB (control boards damage, power board damaged)
Typical Allen Bradley Servo Motor Repair Issues:
  • Defective Encoder (encoder out of alignment, encoder doesn’t give feedback)
  • Servo Motor Running Hot
  • Servo Motor bad bearings
  • Broken Connectors (connectors won’t connect Servo cables)
Typical Allen Bradley Operator Interface Issues:
  • Defective Touchscreens or Keypads (stuck keys or touch cells)
  • Defective Displays (Bad Backlights, bad display, broken display cables or connectors)
  • HMI won’t power up (Bad Power Supply)
  • HMI won’t communicate with the PLC (bad communication ports or boards)

Frequently asked questions about Allen Bradley Repairs:

My Allen Bradley PLC stopped communicating, where can I send it to get it repaired?

We offer extensive repair services on Allen Bradley Processors, I/O modules, and Communications modules.

How long does it take for you to repair my Allen Bradley part?

Our standard repair time is 2-4 weeks, but we can often repair them much faster if needed.

Where can I find an Allen-Bradley Repair Center?

We are not an Authorized Allen Bradley Distributor, but do offer extensive Allen Bradley repairs that come with our Automation Stop warranty. We have a repair center where our technicians can repair your bad Allen Bradley Modules at competitive repair rates.

What happens if you can't fix my Allen Bradley parts?

If we can't fix your part, we will ship it back to you at no cost, if you would like it back. If you prefer to purchase a surplus or refurbished unit from us, we can offer exchange credit for your unrepairable defective unit.

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