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Allen Bradley VFD Repair Service

Offering excellent turn around times with competitive prices.

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We offer Allen Bradley Variable Frequency Drive repair services. Most issues with Allen Bradley VFDs can be fixed by our in-house repair team. We can fix both AC and DC drives and all our repairs come with our 1 Year Automation Stop Warranty. All repairs are inspected and tested with a motor if applicable. We have an extremely high successful repair rate on Allen Bradley Drives , and rarely declare drives unrepairable. Our standard repair time on Allen-Bradley Drives is 2-4 weeks but can offer expedited repairs if necessary.

Typical Allen Bradley VFD Repair Issues:
  1. Blown Capacitors (bubbled or blown)
  2. Shortened Drive
    1. Shorted inputs (L1, L2, L3 leads shorted)
    2. Shorted Outputs
    3. Drive shorted to ground
  3. Defective keypad/display
    1. Defective DPI port
    2. Broken LCD
  4. No communications
    1. Defective/broken communication ports
    2. Defective control boards
  5. Intermittent power issues
    1. Defective power board
  6. Overvoltage faults
  7. Undervoltage faults
  8. Drive won't enable
  9. IGBTs are defective/blown
  10. Fan is defective or not turning on

Allen Bradley VFD Product Lines we repair:
  • PowerFlex Drives
    • PowerFlex 4, PowerFlex 40, PowerFlex 400 AC Drives
    • PowerFlex 70, PowerFlex 700, PowerFlex 753, PowerFlex 755
    • PowerFlex 520, PowerFlex 523, PowerFlex 525, PowerFlex 527
    • PowerFlex DC Drives
  • 1336 Drives
    • 1336F Plus II Drives
    • 1336E Impact Drives
    • 1336S Plus Drives
    • 1336T Drives
  • Other Obsolete VFDs
    • 1305 AC Drives
    • 160 AC Drives
    • 1333 Drives

Allen Bradley VFD Repair Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find Allen Bradley VFD repair prices?

We offer repairs on many Allen Bradley drives and have our repair prices shown for many parts, if we do not have a repair price shown, please request a quote.

Do your AB VFD repairs come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer our 1 Year Automation Stop Warranty with all our Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation Variable Frequency Drive repairs.

How long does your VFD repair process take?

Our normal repair time for a Variable Frequency Drive is 2-4 weeks, but we can often complete the repair much faster if needed.

What info should be included on the RMA when sending in a device for repair?

Please include the issues you are having with the VFD, along with any fault codes or error messages. Any information you can include about the drive including fault codes will help us fix your drive faster.

Do you repair obsolete Allen Bradley VFDs?

Yes! We specialize in obsolete and discontinued equipment and specifically 1336 and 1305 drives .We carry capacitors, power boards, control boards, fans, IGBTs in stock for many obsolete drives so we can fix your VFD as fast as possible.

Where can I find VFD repair services near me?

We are in North Carolina, but we offer expedited repair services all over the world. Simply send in your defective VFD and we will quickly fix your Variable Frequency Drive and ship it back to you.

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