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ABB Taylor Mod 300


Mod 300 TRIOTM (Taylor Remote I/O) is a distributed I/O approach that accumulates a large number of I/O points located remotely on the plant floor or in the field. The strength of the system is a variety of multi-channel analog and discrete I/O blocks that can be located close to the point of control. These Mod 300 blocks communicate with the system through Field Buses with as many as 30 blocks being connected to a bus.
ABB Taylor TRIO Process I/O uses the TRIO field bus connected to groups of intelligent, highly-reliable, field-mounted blocks. Fewer terminations are required because the TRIO Field Bus replaces many single and multiconductor cables. Mod 300 blocks are small, rugged and designed to accommodate mounting at the point of control. They can be individually installed on machines, mounted in junction boxes or grouped in racks and panels. TRIO blocks have approvals from a number of agencies for use in hazardous locations. Therefore, it is not necessary to mount the blocks in specially designed, purged enclosures. PDF Electric & Supply Company.