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Allen Bradley - PLC

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1203 Communication Modules

140G MCB

140U MCB

1492 Wiring System

1496 Timers

1606 Switched Mode Power Supplies

1609 Uninterruptible Power Supplies

1715 Redundant I/O

1719 Ex I/O

1732 ArmorBlock

1760 Pico Controllers

1774 PLCs and Modules

1778 Modules

1786 Repeaters

1788 Linking Devices

1791 Block I/O

199 Terminal Lug Kits

2750 Intelligent Antennas

2755 Barcode Decoders

45CPD Laser Sensors

803 Rotating Cam Limit Switches

855T Stack Lights

AADvance Controllers

ArmorPoint Modules

CompactBlock I/O 1791D

CompactBlock I/O 1791P

CompactBlock I/O 1791R

CompactBlock LDX


The Allen Bradley corporation's CompactLogix series is a Logix controller system. This series is widely used in medium and small-scale industrial applications. Furthermore, these systems are used to control machine-level applications.

CompactLogix 5069

CompactLogix 5480


The ControlLogix series, or products belonging to Allen Bradley, combines the communication module and the input/output module with the drive, motion, process, and sequential control at a much more cost-effective platform. It is easy to design, construct, and maintain it since it is modular in nature. Multiple controllers can be mounted on a single chassis and it is possible to select the required memory that suits their application. It enables high speed transmission of data across the controllers’ backplane.

DeviceNet Controllers


Embedded Switch

FLEX 5000

Flex I/O 1794

Flex I/O 1797

Guard I/O 1791ES and 1791DS

Guardmaster Safety Relays


IEC 100 Contactors

IEC 104 Contactors

Micro 800

Micro 810

Micro 820

Micro 830

Micro 850


MicroLogix 1000

MicroLogix 1000 is a product line from Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation. This series features compact and cost-effective PLC modules. These very PLCs are in 2 variations, each having sixteen to thirty-two I/O, allowing users to choose models with various inputs and outputs. The units support digital input and relay output. Additionally, they are available with DIN rail-mounting capabilities. Furthermore, these PLCs support AC and DC-rated power. 

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